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2mm-7mm Rope Chain

2mm-7mm Rope Chain
This is necessary to complete any fit
Choose from Silver or Gold 
All different sizes
Premium Quality
This is a MUST HAVE!

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Metal Color
4 mm Gold
3 mm Gold
2 mm Gold
7 mm Gold
6 mm Gold
5 mm Gold
2 mm Silver
5 mm Silver
4 mm Silver
3 mm Silver
7 mm Silver
6 mm Silver
3mm Silver Keel
4mm Silver Keel
7mm Black Curb
5mm Black Curb
9mm Black Curb
8mm Silver Keel
5mm Silver Keel
6mm Silver Keel
3mm Silver Curb
11mm Silver Curb
9mm Silver Curb
3mm Gold Curb
5mm Gold Curb
5mm Silver Curb
7mm Silver Curb
11mm Gold Curb
3mm Black Curb
7mm Gold Curb
9mm Gold Curb